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Did you still trying to solve can you escape horror between level 6 to 10? if the answers is yes then this is the right post which can help you win this puzzles game, we hope this is not too late because this game already released few weeks a go before Christmas but we can’t found other web creating walkthrough for can you escape horror so we hope this post will be useful rather than loading video walkthrough.

level 6. tap right painting above heater, complete the puzzle then pick up towel behind painting, tap left painting and remember shape and color (hexagon, circle, triangle, square) change view then tap painting above bed and use towel to rub, remember the number 5498, tap right painting above sofa there’s 4 painting with different color ( orange, blue, red, green) remember this color sequence, change view tap cabinet at left tricycle open it change color to:  orange, blue, red, green and number 5498, then pick up wheel put this wheel at tricycle then open secret hole under tricycle remember the vehicle color: blue, red, green, yellow. change view open door shape : hexagon, circle, triangle, square and color: blue, red, green, yellow ( top to bottom)

level 7. tap left cupboard open the bottom cabinet and pick up antenna and paper, tap television put the antenna above it turn it on then remember the number 3274861 tap yellow telephone then call this number 3274861, pick up key then tap drawer under telephone open it using the key pick up water and rifle parts, tap fireplace then use water to turn off fire and pick up rifle stand, pick up sword, pick up scope above door, tap small cabinet beside telephone, use sword to cut rope then pick up magazine tap wall beside small cabinet then tap white screen put roll of paper remember MK 16, back to left cup board which you pick up antenna, open it using code mk 16 then pick up another rifle parts, now back to mk 16 poster, put rifle stand under the poster, then barrel, rifle, scope then the last magazine, now you have a rifle use it to shot right window above telephone, pick up key then use it to open door

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level 8. pick up stone behind paper on the floor, tap left painting then complete the puzzle then remember the shape : circle, square, pentagon, triangle. change view tap left chair pick up another stone and candle change view then tap cross put stone on left and right then tap 4 circle beside cross and change the shape to circle, square, pentagon, triangle (see the arrow direction) pick up sword. now tap left candle beside cross use it to lit on your candle, pick up bucket below left candle, tap right barrel touch faucet then fill your bucket with water, tap big bucket at the left corner under painting then fill it with water from bucket, do this 4 times until you can pick up key, change view tap right candle then use your candle to lit on this candle now you can see a number 1992 remember this number. go to door use sword to kill guard then open door using key and code 1992.

level 9. tap right table then pick up paper, tap printer put paper then turn it on remember the print result ( black, white, black, white, white, black) tap left wall then pick up axe. change view tap board look at the number: 1 = red, 2 = blue, 3 = green, tap speaker then turn it on there’s number 4 = yellow. tap left cabinet to open this box touch button same with you see at the printer ( 1,3 6) pick up video cassette, now tap DVD player below TV, set color to red, blue, green, yellow then insert video cassette now tap TV tap hole inside then use axe to remove hand then pick up key, use this key to open door.

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level 10. tap left table and pick up hammer, also remember blue 8, tap bicycle note 2 yellow, change view left ( bed ) tap teddy number 5 red, tap right desk open drawer and note 4 green. tap cabinet under the lamp pick up screwdriver tap left table in front red chair, tap photo then use screwdriver to remove bolts then pick up photo, pick up Zippo under the bed, change view to door tap hanging number at top left 32 + 13 = 45, now change view right ( bath tub ) use hammer to hit wall then lit on candle using Zippo, pick up necklace and combine with photo, tap bath tub then solve the math 3×4 – (16/8) / 2 = 5, change view to door tap right cabinet open drawer using code 95 ( 45 doesn’t work) pick up toy parts, change view to left tap monkey put toy part on monkey ( back) pick up photo and combine with necklace, change view to door then tap panel beside door insert number 8452 and put necklace at the circle door opened.

10 level can you escape horror walkthrough completed, some people can solve this game only using our picture above, that’s why we put number into the images it’s the step bys step to solve every puzzle in this game. Using cheats to solve can you escape horror will be easier to win but less fun either, so we hope you try it first before use this guide.

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