What's the Word: 4 Pics 1 Word Answer by 4 PICS 1 WORD

This is another what’s the word: 4 pics 1 word game developed by 4 PICS 1 WORD, differences between the other version is the background, this game using wood patterns as a background. A lot puzzle available to play for free in this game, when we try it at first time, we know that  this game have same navigation like 4 pics 1 word which created by LOTUM GmbH but the puzzles little bit difficult for us . We complete 40 puzzle and want to share this game solution for you that stuck at some level.

puzzle 1: 3 letters carpuzzle 2: 5 letters waterfall, water, lake, drinkpuzzle 3: 6 letters flower, fruit, sofa, rose
puzzle 4: 4 letters fish, notes, trombone, violin neckpuzzle 5: 4 letters workshop, office, wash the dishespuzzle 6: 4 letters lake, card, couple, piggy
puzzle 7: 5 letters cracks, eyeglass, soy milk, drinkspuzzle 8: 5 letters finger, trees, ice cream, cakepuzzle 9: 4 letters lake, cars, man, steam
puzzle 10: 4 letters valley, lighthouse, girl, manpuzzle 11: 4 letters game, football, chess, pac manpuzzle 12: 6 letters main board, man, photos
puzzle 13: 6 letters bridge, gatepuzzle 14: 4 letters matrix, finger, barcode, dnapuzzle 15: 3 letters chips, flower, chef, baby
puzzle 16: 6 letters yellow curtain, lcd monitor, puzzle 17: 6 letters sign, crocodile, driving, climbingpuzzle 18: 6 letters sofa, bunny, teddy bear, dog
puzzle 19: 4 letters sunset, sky, women’s shoes, buildingpuzzle 20: 3 letters, firefighters, tea, chilipuzzle 21: 3 letters chair, grandpa, old car, old book
puzzle 22: 6 letters Gate of victory, painter, french bread, frogpuzzle 23: 7 letters lorry, subway, train, trempuzzle 24: 5 letters shark, knife, hawk,
puzzle 25: 6 letters hug, finger, hug dog, manpuzzle 26: 5 letters stick, thorn, paper, hockeypuzzle 27: 7 letters girl smoking, shuttle, painting
puzzle 28: 6 letters paint ball, writing,  markpuzzle 29: 4 letters Warren Buffett, bill gates, moneypuzzle 30: 5 letters pen, bedroom, notes,
puzzle 31: 4 letter starpuzzle 32: disc, mexican guitarist, mic , violinpuzzle 33: 6 letters tree, chick, flower, girl
puzzle 34: 7 letters  gaming, child, mixer, djpuzzle 35: 4 letters pasture, wind power, sailpuzzle 36: 5 letter pastor, ring
puzzle 37: 4 letter dog, ship, tree, girlpuzzle 38:  4 letters flowers, rose, bed, puzzle 39: 5 letters pest spray, shower, perfume, water
puzzle 40: 4 letter boat, sailing boat, dock  

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