What’s the Saying Answers Level 101 – 200 for Android

This is the last update for what’s the saying answers level 101 to 200, we hope you never give up with this game because found a difficult level we know lot a player cannot solve earlier level and find cheats to complete it. You can use online anagram solver if cannot find solutions at any website.


1. stick man think 2. stick man say : think before you speak

meta meta meta meta : metaphor

no x qqqq : no excuse

1. sight 2. sight 3. sight : love at first sight

cover police cap : undercover cop

stick man stand on world : on top of the world

brain and matter : mind over matter

E anything anything anything anything : ready for anything

ten Good tions : good intentions

white box inside : inside out

horizontal woman silhouette : woman on the side

stick man inside box : inside man

star lover lover : star crossed lovers

4 bee and paddle : to be or not to be

vice + vice : advice

feet film : feature film

u 111 : someone is behind you

square, letters fair : fair and square

letters time e in red color : ready in time

purple and green dice : paradise

touch letters raising : touch up

letter point int vanish : vanishing point

moon letter raise : moonrise

zero phd md bs mba ba : five degrees below zero

2 boat dock : paradox

WALK town : walk around town

four E around red E : ready for more

WALK around lego : walk around the block

rose inside ring : ring around the rose

running above empty : running on empty

letters vit_min : vitamin a deficiency

11111111 above clock : once upon a time

letters 2 one : two in one

couple plus couple : summary

man with beard above chess board : man overboard

man jugling a ball above bulb : neon light

note and back hair : quarter back

multiply sugar sugar sugar : sugar cube

city tic circle : artic circle

scale letters di and et : balanced diet

10 letter cut : cut above the rest

hand am you you : top of the morning to you

TTTT ear corn ear corn : forty years

honey and moon : honeymoon

warrior rose and letter N : rose and garden

two fingers, five fingers, clench and card 6 heart : all hands on deck

10 ant : tenant

bee and man in : believe

broken letters fast : breakfast

six coins : sixth sense

dry tree and letters out : out on a limb

man imagine a sandwich : great minds think alike

bag of money and man with pipe : pay the piper

tooth brush and the death : brush with death

three lemon cup : the last straw

box and a pig : pig out

rains pours rains pours rains pours : when it rains it pours

9 yards : the whole nine yards

tooth and letters long : long in the tooth

arrow down letters chow : chow down

bird and pig say hi : high on the hog

6 color lie hand points to white : white lie

a map and 3 omelet : x marks the spot

3 dogs and one cat : catty corner

hat inside drop : drop of a hat

dog below tree and cat above the tree : barking up the wrong tree

letter toss : toss up

12 chef : bakers doze

bark bark bark bark dog : all bark and no bite

piece of tart : piece of cake

12 small coins 1 big coins : a dime a dozen

hook and fish : off the hook

man kicking bucket : kick the bucket

3 fish 1 smiley sleep : sleep with the fisher

ace in the bag : ace in the hole

3 all on right : alright

man hit a road : hit the road

cat out the bag : the cat is out of the bag

2 arrow up date 25 : up to date

pipe and hands down : pipe down

blue monkey face : blue in the face

sleep on letters it : sleep on it

price tag : costs an arm and a leg

sun moon and cloud above sad smiley : under the weather

diamond 10 live and mouth : live hand to mouth

black circle and letters on : on the spot

dog and cat rain : raining cats and dogs

male symbol and trash can : junk mail

3 puffer fish : low blow

two smiley face : two faces

rags arrow down red car : rags to riches

du down arrow mps : down in the dumps

lottery ticket : grab a bite

jump a conclusion : jump to conclusion

beat around the tree : beat around the bush

fishing z z z z : catch some zs

running to top arrow : up and running

man body  a red and blue pipe : the cold shoulder

4 lines hand point to bottom line : the bottom line

what’s the saying cheats completed we must wait for the new update to play next level, you can play little riddles while waiting the developer add new level, or you can help other solve this game at our facebook page.

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