Pop Shadow Quiz Answers Level 1 to 40

Did you bored with guessing game? you should try this game it is pop shadow quiz, sound familiar right? but this game is different and we recommended this fun game for you, in this game you must guess the character, object, city and much more only from their shadow we guarantee this game will be make you addicted and try solve all level available. Stuck? don’t worry we have the solutions below.

1 : Dubai2 : Et3 : Baseball4 : Titanic
5 : Smart6 : Aladdin7 : Umbrella 8 : Zorro
9 : London10 : Pacman11 : Rome12 : Television
13 : Air Jordan14 : Paris15 : Glee16 : Football
17 : Justin Bieber18 : Levis19 : Marilyn Monroe20 : Sailor
21 : Pikachu22 : Dell23 : Coca cola24 : Walmart
25 : Intel 26 : Singing27 : Stamp28 : Yoyo
29 : Mgm30 : Stephen Hawking31 : Lisa32 : Pink Panther
33 : Bart34 : Shrek35 : Life of Pi36 : Peter Pan
37 : Piglet38 : Star trek39 : Edward40 : Lacoste

Shadow Quiz is a simple game to play right, but this game can make us challenged, actually we already solve more than 40 level today and still grow, but we will post it at levelstuck.com tomorrow after we can reach level 80. If you like this game please share with other iphone, ipad or ipod user so we can play this game together.

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