Pic Combo Answers Level 12

Pic combo answers level 12 this is the last level for this update i hope developer will add new level soon, because a lot gamer still play this game using their android or iphone and may be this game will also available for blackberry or windows mobile platform next time.

boy listen and birdgirl and wolf red robehair and suitflood and bread
piano and child typethief and bottleclown and fishwater drop and flag
paper clip and boardmud and balloonfire and bombfire and boxer
bullet and manhacker and bookhand and naildivorce and pick pocket
heart and firesilhouette and eye testwolf and dog bitedoor and bell
child and arrow downwall and rosegolf and robot armbible and baby
corn and flakesjail and cube fcopier and catcow and milk
hand and outhand and shakeland and wall builderfan and fare
fish and netchild breath and –50%man read  and woman castwood and mill
cloud and tunnelcooking and finger printbull and boxerflea and bag
tug and boathand and horse jumpbride and maidhammer shark and eye
sun and flower

done all level available completed, we will update level 13 when its available at the market. please share this page with your friends if you think this useful.

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