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Mysterious castle 3D puzzle walkthrough level 1 – 10 simple step by step guide which can help you complete the game.  Mysterious castle is high grade 3d puzzle game that we can play using our android smartphone or tablet, this game not too difficult to solve for a puzzle game lover but still challenging to play rather than a stick man escape or another low quality graphic puzzle game that using so many illogical story / step. Mysterious castle available in 9 level because level 10 is too short and simple so we didn’t count level 10.


Mysterious castle level 1.
1. Tap door
2. pick up hammer head above clock
3. pick up hammer handle
4. combine hammer and handle then use to break jar, get code 2379
5. open chest using code 2379, get key then open door

Mysterious castle level 2.

1. pick up stick
2. use stick to pick up key behind painting
3. open chest using key, pick up half paper
4. pick up candle
5. lit candle with hanging lamp
6. go to table then lit another candle using 1st candle, put half paper on the table : 11285
7. open cabinet, pick up key
8. open door

Mysterious castle level 3.

1. see clue on bed
2. tap barrel to rotate, then pick up 3 shape
3. tap jar then clean it by dragging / touch jar, put all shape then pick up bucket handle
4. put handle into bucket
5. fill bucket with water
6. use bucket to turn off fire
7. tap painting, pick up key behind
8. open drawer see clue 53912
9. use code to open secret door inside fireplace

Mysterious castle level 4.

1. pick up chisel
2. complete puzzle
3. open barrel, pick up hammer head
4. open book, pick up key
5. open chest pick up hammer handle then combine with hammer head
6. tap pillow and carpet, combine hammer and chisel then use to dig, pick up key
7. open door

Mysterious castle level 5.

1. remove sack and basket, pick up plank
2. pick up broom then use to clean spider web, pick up box nail
3. use broom to clean floor, see clue 93406
4. open chest using code, then pick up hammer
5. combine hammer with nail and plank, put on missing stairs

Mysterious castle level 6.

1. pick up key
2. open chest, see clue 13. tap / clean jar see number
4. tap basket see number
5. move box then see number
6. tap basket see number
7. open window using number 14589

Mysterious castle level 7.

1. remove barrel and basket to get half paper on corner
2. tap basket pick up another half paper inside then combine
3. solve puzzle then pick up half key
4. see clue on cloth to find number on paper ( 25738 )
5. open chest using code 25738, then pick up other half key, combine key
6. open door using key

Mysterious castle level 8.

1. see clue on table
2. pick up magnet
3. use magnet to find key
4. use key to open chest, pick up saw
5. use saw to cut nail on painting
6. out through hole

Mysterious castle level 9.

1. complete puzzle then pick up key
2. the clue is rainbow colors : violet, indigo, blue, green…..
3. solve the simple unblock me game

4. tap the column + row : B3 A2 A4 B2 A2 B1 D1 C1 D2 B1 B2 A1 C1 D3 D3 D2 C2

Mysterious castle level 10.

1. walk to the altar
2. put puzzle which you collect before.

Done you complete 10 level in this game, please leave rating and your review about this game at the google play market.

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