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We found an interesting game for people that born before 90 this game named guess the 90s, why i choose this game it’s because i am born before 90 so i know some of the tv shows, movies, toys, singer, boy band and many more. At first sight our team interest with the background it’s look interesting then we download and try did you know it’s not as easy in my imagination, so we decide to create guess the 90’s answers for level 1 to 20.

1 : full house2 : pogs3 : silly putty 4 : boombox
5 : curly sue6 : rugrats7 : nsync8 : slap bracelets
9 : britney spears10 : beanie babies11 : bill nye12 : pokemon cards
13 : saved by the bell14 : gushers15 : the amanda show16 : tamagotchi
17 : backstreet boys18 : friends19 : skip it20 : jtt

If you can solve all level in guess the 90’s game without using a cheats or answers form this website we must say you’re awesome geek LOL, sometime we know the toys or movies but forget it’s name. There’s tricks to solve all level in this game but you must be able to use photosop / image editor. Want to try solve it using photoshop / photo editor? easy capture the difficult level then crop the picture then upload to

continue to level 21 to 40

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