Escape Temple Incredible Escape Walkthrough

Escape temple incredible escape walkthrough a complex puzzle game which available for iphone and ipad, This is the guide how to escape from an Buddhist temple which contain many puzzle and secret key, by using our guide you can complete this game when no more clues or hints found. In normal condition need 10 to 30 minutes to solve this game without using any guide, but some new player that miss few object maybe need few day to solve this game, so i hope this cheats could help them finish this challenging game.

tap desk open cabinet, pick up round and square object 

turn on tv see code, tap sofa see a clue

use clue to open cabinet, pick up statue

pick up purple square above fireplace, open cabinet and pick up red square

use clue from TV to open door 52525

see clue at the window

tap stone and get key, pick up coin

use key to open box, pick up round and square object 

put all square object here

pick up paper clue, adjust the switch position

pick up wood, set clock to 03:00

set clock to 01:00 then pick up key

use key to open door, use clue above door to open cabinet

pick up statue and coin, change color bar according to the letter B = blue, r = red

pick up round object and cloth, back to the 1st room then put all round object and adjust the color (match with arrow)

pick up statue, use cloth to clean mirror

see clue at mirror, use code to open box under the TV

pick up axe

use axe to split wood, pick up coin then tap coin to reverse

use clue from coin to open cabinet A:12, B:2, C:31, pick up statue

use scale to know each statue weight

use scale to know each statue weight

put each statue from the heaviest to light, pick up paper clue

use clue from paper to open door and escape from temple.

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