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Well escape action updated again today and we want to share our walkthrough for level 61 to 70, in this game not only smart person will win but a finger speed to slide or tap faster and chase time have a significant effect. We hope lot gamer still continue play until last level because we will continue create guide for this game, but for iOS and windows mobile user you can play other game similar with this, and if you want to play this game on your device you can use emulator or wait until developer create the ios and windows version.

level 61. see the clue on the wall hearts ( valentine day ) 214.

level 62. tap the small circle it will move and create a shape : top left triangle, top right rectangle, bottom left diamond, bottom right triangle facing down.

level 63. pick up cloth on the floor then use to erase number behind dot, then find number in 4 square that if you add up the results same with the middle number ( example 13 = 9+4 ).

level 64. count all lines in the character E = 4, A = 3, F = 3, H = 3, k = 3. so F+H+k = 09.

level 65. put your android on desk, then slide arrow direction as fast as you can, maybe need 1-2 minutes for exercises :).

level 66. slide handle right, knife will fall use knife to cut right painting ( circle ) then use the result in square painting.

level 67. slide rope down (clue on left wall), then tap bottom right square,top left square, tap middle right square, pick up key and slide rope again.

level 68. the clue is room, add up number which have result 068 ( at orange square ).

level 69. slide to remove all leaves, then pick up wrench, use it to open all nuts.

level 70. put your android on a desk then prepare your finger above the pot, shake the pot one by one ( if too difficult read our cheats at level 26 ).

When you  reach this level today (15-12-2013) it’s mean we must wait until the  next update available, be careful when you set auto update for a game, because it will effect for all games to auto update and if your internet connection count by quota it’s will blow your phone bill.

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