Enigmon Solution Level 16 17 18 19 20

Enigmon still interesting to me i just continue to play this game on my ipod, fyi Enigmon just released the new version named Enigmon 2 and i just download and try it, but now i want to continue walkthrough for the first enigmon this is addicting game if you can solve one level then you will try another level until you get stuck, when you stuck with this game you can see this solution and then continue to higher level.

Enigmon Level 16: change time to 10:04, but if you play this level at 10:04 you can pass this level without do anything 🙂

Enigmon Level 17: The answer for level 17 is google

Enigmon Level 18: Answer for level 18 is cool

Enigmon Level 19: Answer for level 19 is pi

Enigmon Level 20: Answer for level 20 is site

that’s all enigmon answer for iphone, ipad and ipod we will update new solution after we complete it, and please bookmark this website to get latest walkthrough update. or you can request a game walkthrough using comment form below.

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