Can You Escape Walkthrough Level 6 7 8 9 10 for Android

We just complete compile level 6 to 10 can you escape walkthrough this is a most challenging escape game that we found at android market, if you ever play game like doors and room then this game will challenge you.

Level 6: go to right vase pick up yellow stick tap square above vase remember the number blue 2, tap cover above safe remember red 6, tap frog paint on wall remember number yellow 2, see the number above door green 6 now open safe with code 2662 pick up green loads, go to desk tap solve a puzzle left 3-6 right 7-7 pick up blue loads, and pick up jack under the desk combine with the stick, then use to lift car, then pick up red loads, go to corner below frog painting put each loads according to the color, tap horn pick up a key then use
to open door.

Level 7: tap small ship beside door, pick up a key tap toolbox on floor and pick up screwdriver, go to desk tap picture frame use screwdriver to open frame then pick up sdcard, tap camera remember the number 4841 use to open safe under the desk remember the combination, tap lego on floor remember the color combination top: yellow, green, (wood = black) yellow, bottom: blue, black, red, black use this color combination to open box beside door and pick up pliers, now use pliers to open red safe box on the floor, pick up a camera then combine with sdcard ( tap camera then sd card and tap menu button) remember the number above horse, go to shelf tap small box insert 4316 and set the button flat, up, up, flat, up, up
now use key on the key hole between left painting and door, yellow key bottom and white key  top.

Level 8: pick up remote on shelf beside door then tap cuckoo clock on the wall pick up charger, tap yellow trash can pick up a disc, go to small bicycle pick up handle and use it to open cabinet beside sofa pick up ipod then tap horse paint above sofa remember number 7528, go to television, tap dvd player use code 7528 to turn on then put dvd, use remote to turn on tv, now count animal shown on screen 4 6 3 2 use to open ipad  and remember the shape, tap speaker then plug charger and connect ipod remember the number 3462, go to door use this number and shape from ipad, door open.

Level 9: tap right table then open egg pick up a key, tap cabinet under egg pick up bulb, tap jar under cabinet remember number red 4, tap black / yellow cabinet complete the simple puzzle then pick up green card under newspaper, tap wall shelf remember number 8 orange,  tap paper at sofa remember number blue 3, remember green 9 ( above door), go to small table near guitar tap safe insert 9483 then pick up screwdriver, tap right heart above table remember the color combination, tap dining table remember the dish color, tap red chair then tap ceiling open cover using screwdriver, use key to stop fan and pick up red card, tap white table lamp and put bulb turn it on see the wall remember the combination XOX OXO XOX, tap box under lamp now use the dish color combination and tap button same with XOX OXO XOX (x = down, O = up) pick up blue card, go to door use all card then set the color
   same with the color combination under heart (white, blue, red, white, yellow, green)

Level 10: tap table on right door, pick up bit in a cup and pencil beside vase,tap box on the floor then pick up drill combine with bit, tap mirror on the wall red dot is a clue to drill, now drill the dot at wall ( bottom left beside door)
tap hole and remember the number blue, blue, yellow, yellow, green, green. tap ladder and pick up paper, tap wall above the ladder and use drill to open now insert paper into the box and use pencil to move key, use this key to open small safe beside door ( right) pick up binocular) then use it at right window to see number 12 8 5, use this number to open safe under the table and pick up a cog, tap vase on the floor insert the color combination from hole then pick up 2nd cog, tap crack beside mirror then put 1st cog then 2nd cog, doors opened.

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