4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle Plus Answers Level 3 - 4

This is 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle Plus answers for level 3 and 4 in each level there’s 20 stage so in this two level you must solve 40 puzzles, although some puzzle only contain 4 letters but the answers sometimes not a common word so this is more challenging than the old 4 pics 1 word. Nisavac Wallpapers as the developer add a new idea in this game because if you only use one or two images to get answers then you got 2 coins each un opened picture, coins used for hints.

Level 3

stage 1: land, ground, tv, buildingstage 2: millstage 3: thornstage 4: flower, lion statue, dog, golden gate
stage 5: snakestage 6: fire, tent, lakestage 7: sea, ship, flag, polestage 8: cage, sand, food, gull
stage 9: leaf, lake, tapstage 10: port, boat, sea, fishstage 11: globestage 12: hole, love
stage 13: cup cake, flower, leaf, teastage 14: tree, fruitstage 15: key, pan, lock, wheelstage 16: scale
stage 17: dancer, lady, girlstage 18: twist, spiral, curlstage 19: carabineer, giraffe, clipstage 20: yarn, tape scale

Level 4

stage 1: camera, filmstage 2: painting, violinstage 3:strawberry, apple, basketstage 4: fence, field
stage 5: grass, wheat, foodstage 6: cart, dollstage 7: warehouse, field,stage 8: light, candy, cane
stage 9: tree, fog, foreststage 10: gatestage 11: table, food, barstage 12: lipstick, clown, brush
stage 13: bikestage 14: pills, stage 15: table, roof, road, ronaldstage 16: frame, photograph
stage 17: star, deer, fireworksstage 18: beach, coast guard, umbrellastage 19: cat, frog sit, stage 20: keychain, candle, flower, bed cover

4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle Plus level 1 2 3 4 done level 1 and 2 available at another pages, you can find it using search form at sidebar. Please share this game and this walkthrough with your friends using facebook and twitter.

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