100 Doors Walkthrough nivel / level 66 to 73

100 doors is very interesting game to play i already play this game for several weeks but still challenging to solve higher level, sometimes i can found the 100 doors solution in just a second but sometimes it’s need a day to find the clues. if you need help to solve this game we already create a walkthrough for level 66 to level 73 i hope this can be useful when you stuck at this level.

100 doors nivel / level 66 solutions: tap the bucket 1 2 1 3 3 2 1 2 3 3 3 you will found a key, use to open door

100 doors nivel / level 67 solutions: tap the bucket use it to fill container, tilt your phone to make ball move to right, tap the empty bucket then tap the container the door will open.

100 doors nivel / level 68 solutions: you need to move all circle from left to right with same arrangement, to win this level follow this step

A B, A C, B C, A B, C A, C B, A B, A C, B A, B C,
A B, C A, B A, B C, A B, A C, B C

A B = move circle from A to B

100 doors nivel / level 69 solutions: Spell animal silhouette beside the door bear, crab, duck, fish, frog, lion it will turn to green after you spell.

  100 doors nivel / level 70 solutions: tap the triangle see sample direction above. clue is above the door

100 doors nivel / level 71 solutions: tap red circle when it show number 4, tap yellow circle when it show 0, tap green circle when it show number 5, tap blue circle when it show number 3.

100 doors nivel / level 72 solutions: the number above doors = degrees so if it 90 and the first point at 12 the other on 3. all result code is 395826.

100 doors nivel / level 73 solutions: find the difference between left and right door, tap at the number 1 to 5.

that’s all walkthrough for 100 doors level 66 to level 70, please bookmark this page to get the update for level 74 75 76 and other higher level.

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