20 21 February 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

7 little words daily puzzle question list protective case, items like acetone, in a provable way, the K in UK, on both sides, arrangement, bitingly sarcastic,coldest time of year,Spongebobs patrick say, cancels out,wrongly positioned, final part. Now I will share answers for 7 little words daily puzzle February 20 21 2015, this is a simple word game which already played in last 2 years. The daily puzzle contains 7 question that sometime is very difficult to guess because the letters may be aren’t popular, before using cheats or answers you can solve 7 little words daily puzzle using hints but free hints is limited or you can buy the unlimited hints which cost $3. Below is my result after 30 minutes guessing  most difficult word game.

7 Little words daily puzzle February 20 21 2015

protective case 9 letters : SHEATING
items like acetone 8 letters : SOLVENTS
predicted 9 letters : FOREBODED
in a provable way 11 letters : EMPIRICALLY
the K in UK 7 letters : KINGDOM
on both sides 11 letters : BILATERALLY
swarming 7 letters : TEEMING

FEB 20 2015

arrangement 5 letters : SETUP
bitingly sarcastic 10 letters : MORDACIOUS
coldest time of year 10 letters : WINTERTIDE
Spongebobs patrick, say 8 letters : STARFISH
cancels out 9 letters : NULLFIES
wrongly positioned 10 letters : MISALIGNED
final part 8 letters : POSTLUDE

FEB 21 2015

This 7 little words daily puzzle cheats not only for iOS but also useful for android and other smartphone device.

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