100 rooms Walkthrough

Games are the perfect tools to enjoy your free time. With you iPad you can access a lot of games. Some of them are puzzle games. Might be you feel boring conventional puzzle games. The 100 rooms game giving you a new experience to play puzzle. This game has some interesting features. You can get exciting puzzles, large number of various object, and beautiful graphics quality. The developer of 100 rooms game have a good reputation. You can see from 100 doors that made before.
100 rooms walkthrough
100 rooms is the puzzle game. Your mission is trying to escape from locked room. To escape you need to find some item to solve the puzzle. The good news is this game available for free. You can understand how to solve the problem with combine each item.

I have some clue to solve the level one of 100 rooms. First step, move the pot to get key hole. And then open the second drawer. You also can get the door knob. You could combine key hole and door knob, and then put them on the door. On the next level, level two the problem become more complex. To solve the puzzle you need a saw to open the door. How to make it? First get a handle on wooden racks. And then get a device behind window curtains. The last find the device behind the pot. Combine all devices that you find to make a saw. After all device combined, saws the locks on the door. The puzzle for level 1-2 solved.

100 rooms walkthrough
need help with other level? this is complete 100 rooms walkthrough

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