100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 9 and 10

this is update for 100 escapers walkthrough level 9 and 10 some level in this game is adopted from 100 rooms, but also has a new puzzle to solve, it’s not easy to get the solution but don’t worry because we still create the simple walkthrough to help you complete this level.

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Level 9:

1. Pick up knife and remote TV.
2. go to bookshelf near sofa, pick up electronic electronic components at middle left sofa then tap bottom right cabinet use knife to open secret box, pick up Suction tin ware
3. go to window, pick up screwdriver near flowerpot5.
4. go to TV then tap, it will turn back use screwdriver to open (picture 6) use Suction tin ware to get some components
5. go to table, pick up the remote control pick the cover first then put electronic components on the remote control see picture above (orange top left, green top right, purple bottom)
6. take a red part from TV remote using the screwdriver combine with the door remote and cover
7. use the door remote on the door

100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 9 and 10click to zoom

Level 10:

1. pick up mixer cover beside door (picture 1)
2. pick up lime on the table and ice in the freezer
3. go to mini bar, pickup cup, pick up knife below it then fill cup with flour beside knife
4. go to curtain, pick up lime juicer (picture 5)
5. go to bottle shelf, tap each bottle match with the color at picture 7 or see result picture 8, you will get two alcohol bottle.
6. start mixing:
a. break the ice with a knife
b. cut lime with knife
c. combine lime juicer + lime + 2 alcohol bottle + ice
d. combine all result with cup put lemon slices the go to door put on the hole door will open

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