100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 30 and 31

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The most addicting game for iphone, ipad and ipod touch 100 escapers, this game just update few level last week, and now we update the walkthrough for level 30 and 31. if you have difficulties with this game level just follow our walkthrough then you will see all solution with the step by step guide.


Level 30:

1. pick up rope at the door handle 2. pick up sharpener inside the drawer and blueprint above it 3. go to table pick up wood stick and saw. see the clock 10:12 4. go to wooden box open it with code 1012, pick up axe then use axe to hit wooden box you will get boards, use saw to cut wooden box frame and you will get 2 iron rod

5. use sharpener to wooden stick then combine this all: wooden stick + iron rod + boards + rope + blueprint + axe  you will have a door battering ram use this to hit door.


Level 31:

1. tap the electric box beside door pick up screwdriver 2. go to sofa pick up sucker tin 3. go to white drawer pick up pliers and small box underneath drawer, pickup toolbox beside drawer, pickup saw behind stand banner 4. go to table tap right chair, use saw to sawing table legs then combine it with screwdriver use the screwdriver to the right table to pick up screws, then combine screws with small box 5. go to sofa, tap small table beside sofa use screwdriver to open drawer and pick up other pliers and wrench 6. combine the 2 pliers side and use screwdriver on it

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7. put screwdriver, small box, wrench, pliers, and sicker tin into the toolbox the put the tool box at the electrical, door will open.