100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 17 and 18

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hello this is it, after two days with no blogging activity now we’re back with the 100 escapers walkthrough, in this level you have less clue to solve the puzzle but with trial and error you will found a 100 escapers solution, and now after we complete level 17 and 18 we create a guide for you to complete this game faster.


Level 17:

1. pick up saw handle beside door 2. go to window pick up hammer and nail 3. pick up wooden board on the wall and combine with nail 4. go to white sofa use hammer on the cabinet then pick up wire and screwdriver and pick up saw underneath sofa 5. combine saw with the handle and then use it on the wall above mini bar (picture 13) you get iron rod 6. combine iron rod with wire then put into battering ram beside door (picture 17) 7. put wooden board at the door

8. use screwdriver to release hammer head from handle then put it on battering ram handle (picture 17) and tap battering ram the door will be open.


Level 18:

1. pick up all sack with different tape 2. then put the sack on the scale with this composition: green, light green, and purple on the left and the other color on the right side. see the images above if confuse

3. after scale balance the door open.

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