100 Escapers Walkthrough Level 1 and 2

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as our promises we will create the 100 Escapers Walkthrough and this is it, the solutions for level 1 and 2, this game just released few hour a go and we start to try the first level just like 100 rooms this puzzle games can be played smooth on our Samsung galaxy.100-escapers-level-1-300x278-7374622

100 Escapers level 1 (click to enlarge)

100 Escapers level 1: 1. pickup underwear from mannequin, baseball bat beside drawer, chair, and drill at the middle drawer 2. go down at sink and pick up knife then put chair in front of it, tap top right cabinets (picture 2) pickup clamp and screwdriver. 3. tap below fish tank use clamp to cut left wire and pick up drill bit (picture 3) 4. go to sink use screwdriver to open bolt and propeller, combine wire and clamp to create hook, use it at sink (picture 8) you will get a nail. 5. now combine the underwear with knife to pick rubber bands, combine drill with bit 6. combine baseball bat with knife to make a handle 7. combine drill with the handle to perforate,

8. now combine all this object: handle + rubber bands + hook + nail + propeller, then use the result at right fish tank tap it twice the door will open.

100 Escapers level 2:


100 Escapers level 2

1. tap the bucket pick up paper inside, show number 996169 2. go to safe deposit box on the wall use code 996169 to open pick up magnifying glass 3. go to dresser pick up brush and use this brush on the mop you will get a marbles 4. go to Electricity box on the wall use the magnifying glass on the rope, it makes poster above dresser falls and you can see the shapes green circle , square, diamond, yellow circle

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5. count all the shapes show on the wall green circle, red square, yellow circle, diamond + green circle the result is 7869

6 go to television tap left drawer below TV, put marbles on empty circle and input code 7869 to open deposit box, pick up card and use it to open door.

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