X construction crossing walkthrough

Game bridge builder X Construction is very popular for android each level more challenging to set up, but not that easy as you imagine because of the limited amount of buffering steel but you have to make it solid so that passing trains do not fall into the abyss.

X construction crossing 1X-construction-crossing-1

X construction crossing 2X-construction-crossing-2

X construction crossing 3X-construction-crossing-3

X construction crossing 4X-construction-crossing-4

X construction crossing 5X-construction-insane-crossing-5

X construction crossing 6X-construction-insane-crossing-6

X construction crossing 7X-construction-insane-crossing-7

X construction crossing 8X-construction-insane-crossing-8

X construction crossing 9X-construction-insane-crossing-9

X construction crossing 10X-construction-insane-crossing-10

Download original X construction game from google play market from this link

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