The Silent Age Chapter 1

We just try this game on our galaxy tab, very interesting puzzle game so we decide to create a walkthrough even it’s a little bit too late for chapter 1 but it’s ok because we want to complete this game until chapter 1 2 3 4 which just added few days a go. Here we go the fist step to complete the silent age game.

The Silent Age Chapter 1

Chapter 1: open yellow door, pick up bulb on shelf then change it with broken bulb above, turn light on then pick up blue card on the table and pick up glove on shelf.

The Silent Age Chapter 1

Back to elevator use card and go to Mr. hill office to get red card, go to elevator and back to 1st room, walk left the use red card to open elevator go inside then walk right then use glove to fix broken panel and then open door.

The Silent Age Chapter 1

The Silent Age Chapter 1
pick up cloth at white clothes, now use cloth to clean blood in the floor, then go back to Mr. hill floor and talk with secretary. Now back to basement after she give you tape, use tape to hold the left button and tap right button, go inside room then talk with old men, he will give you a planar membrane instrument, walk out and prepare for chapter 2.

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