Recommended MP3 Player for Android

If you are a music lover having an MP3 player to play the music from your favorite artists is certainly a must, because you can use the MP3 player not only for playing music but also to organize your music playlist on your android device. And even though there are many mp3 player applications for android device but through our observation we round up several recommended MP3 player for android that you can download and install on your android device. So, if you are a music lover and are interested in getting one it is best for you to check our list of recommended MP3 player for android.

Recommended MP3 Player for Android
    The first MP3 player that we are going to introduce from our list of recommended MP3 player for android is the MixZing application. This MixZing application is probably the best and the most advanced MP3 player for your android devices. This applications have many positive points like having a graphic equalizer (a feature that is pretty rare in android phones), offers 10 free downloadable songs from the main menu of the application and this MixZing application also displays licensed lyrics for millions of songs out there. Even though this application will cost you about .99, but with exclusive features like the Lock-Screen Widget and the ID3 Tag Editor, this application will certainly worth your money to spend.

Recommended MP3 Player for Android
    Our next recommended MP3 player for android is the TuneWiki application. This TuneWiki application is truly designed to meet the needs for all the music lovers out there. If you are a truly music lover, this application worth your attention to look at, because through this application TuneWiki enables you to get, share, and talk about the music and the lyrics of your favorite musician. This application come with a karaoke-style small box of lyric. Our notable mentions for recommended MP3 player for android are Meridian, Cubed and PowerAMP music player. To download those apps to your phone use Google Play apps on your phone then search.

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