Pic Mix – Mix the Pics Answer Level 1 – 4

We continue to create pic mix: mix the pics answers for level 1 to 4 this is fun and addicting game, developed from games like pic combo idea but in this section you must guess the result if two object combined. For example if first picture is engine and second picture bicycle then the answers is motorcycle, simple right? but not all combination is understandable if you stuck and cannot solve this game use this solutions.

Level 1

dough and mushrooms engine and bicycle car and checkerboard orange and juicer
worm and wing horse and zebra wax and rope nest and egg
grape and barrel strawberry and jar cow and can sea and sand
sugar and dye yarn and needle bread and ham cup and cloud

Level 2

snow and coat worker and roller man and woman money and credit card
paper and ink stick and rattan wall and roof fan and heater
camera and paper mattress and wood cassette and earphone monitor and circuit board
tent and clown cash register and shelf corn and pan mount and river
pine and Christmas decorations field and seed wood and matches water and refrigerator

Level 3

guitar and woman leg bus and wing cog wheel and board sunset and pool
police and pole horse and seat neck and hair wheel and board
cloth and window hill and hole film and seat broadcaster and stage
fish and crocodile pepper and fire lizard and paint duck and waitress
clown and candy book and blackboard shell and sand soap and scrubber
cloth and feather mount and lava gunpowder and fire chocolate and milk

Level 4

truck and turret couple and ring ship and mooring man and crown
horse and horn house and cross lizard and wing girl and wing
pipe and lens paper and stamp potato and frying rod and bait
doctor and pet pole and net ship and diver candy and stick
plant and nail wind and sea bread and oven seasoning and pot
scissor and tire car and logo sword and shoes phone and copier

mix the pics answers level 1 to 4 completed, if you need more level please visit our facebook page then upload your screenshot we will help you to find solutions.

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