Pic Combo Answers Level 11

This is it pic combo answers level 11, we found 1 mistake at this level because the right word should be windmill but you must type windmilll to win it. this level contains 48 stage and each stage not too difficult because we can solve it in just 1 hour, may be you can solve this level less than one hour

rat and pipe man bull and horn cloud and balloon explode flood and gate
man out from machine and sign squash and ship storm and bolt wind and brush
grade school test key and road breaker employee and baby hand and man
cat and girl walking wind and burn wood card and running footsteps and chess
fish and boy red hair and bread woman break hand and out suit and girl texting
long nose and cave honey and bread fire and horse tail farm and house
window and back corn and bread kites and salt grinder coin and tart cake
thunder and clap treasure and nut ladder and child wind and chill
fish and typewriter woman push and android robot cheese and burger speaker and class
bread and fruit basket wind mill and bag ship and pipe hand down and grade
cell and chess doctor and chess cloud and shield leg and child walking
luck leaf and door match fire and child at window woman breath and photographer car and surfing

pic combo level 11 completed, now you can try level 12 on you device but if you stuck at some level you can visit our Facebook page and share it with other player so we can find the solutions together.

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