One Clue Answers Level 361 to 400

Now we want to post one clue answers for level 361 to 400, some of our reader looking for this game cheats so we decide to create more level. We guess one clue game have more than a 1000 level to play because this game still updated regularly to add more unique question. We know every player have different skill so this cheats created for a newbie like us, because crossword expert will be unhappy with this answers.

often ends in a flop : highjump treat for dumbo : peanut allows one to reflect : mirror hard water : ice
break fast pastry : waffle cowardly animal : chicken the king of rock : elvis barbecue need : charcoal
easy basketball shot : layup airplane destination : runway creepy crawler : spider city center : downtown
spoken in juarez : spanish watery sculpture : fountain keeps things together : stapler vegetarian steak : tofu
future groom : fiancee flowers and dancing : romance wall art : graffiti tree part : branch
evil : wicked naysayer : horse eye cover : contact he walked like an Egyptian : pharaoh
trimmer : barber home for movies : cinema building material : concrete funny guy : clown
baby oak tree : acorn man made material : plastic high flyer : eagle classy transport : limousine
cuts through red tape : scissors 2 piece suit : bikini terrible lizard : dinosaur soft floor : carpet
island paradise : Hawaii could be a pickup : truck 5 legged animal : starfish blows smoke : chimney

one clue answers for more than 399 level available in this website, every post only contains 20 to 40 level to search specific answers use google then type : one clue blows smoke google will show you to the right page, this is the fastest method to solve one clue game, because all level in this game are scrambled so each device have different question in every level but if you see a same answer and question uploaded to the internet that’s mean they copy from this web :).

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