Okamiden – Episode 1 “Child of the Sun” impressive

Okamiden – Episode 1 "Child of the Sun" game should you buy and play in nintendo DS this game has a Fantastic storyline, so many twists and deep backstory making player very interested to play until the and of game or beyond. Episode 1 "Child of the Sun" has very good visual design, i say this is a pretty and stylized game for your Nintendo DS. Using sumi-e artwork style.

Okamiden – Episode 1 “Child of the Sun” impressive

Okamiden is perfect game celestrial brush or the touchscreen only in click, when you do a inferno move in DS is much more easier than using wii remote with infinity symbol. Okamiden combined with a good music which used from the first game. collect more Issun masterpiece, history scrolls and many more easier than the previous.

Okamiden – Episode 1 “Child of the Sun” impressive

A better system with multiple partner regards and each have special ability. Okamiden – Episode 1 "Child of the Sun" will push your hardware to the limit because so many thing are going on screen. If you hasn’t play the first okami may be will not get the full enjoyment game since it relies.

If you need a Okamiden guide or walkthrough you can request using comments below

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