Most Affordable Prepaid Android Phones

Nowadays it is getting more and more common for some people in the US to choose prepaid phone services instead of engaging themselves in contractual services for mobile phones. The trend already proven when according to a research firm it is unveiled that market for prepaid phones have grow from 17 percent some years ago and already climb to nearly 25 percent this year, a 8 percents increase from previous years. The reason why prepaid phones for example prepaid android phones become more popular options for some people is because it is more flexible for them to change their phone plans. It is because in prepaid phone services we do not have to worry about the contract agreement that we have to oblige each month, we can drop and add the plan services based on our preference.

Most Affordable Prepaid Android Phones
    The market become bigger because if in the past it is only low cost mobile phone that have the prepaid phone services when nowadays high end phone like iPhone and android come to join the game. The game start to change for the first time when Google first introduced a contract-free galaxy nexus in the market. One of the first major prepaid android phones in the market. When Google introduce this it change the face of the game for prepaid phone services. This move make the other high end phone producers like iPhone to join the competition by making its way to introduce iPhone to a major prepaid phone services.

Most Affordable Prepaid Android Phones
    All of the move from major smart phones producers make high end smart phones to be available in prepaid phone services. It is different in the past when mostly only low end phone product provides prepaid services and most high end phone like iPhone come with a lengthy 2 years contractual agreement, for example with AT&T and Verizon. The increase in market share of prepaid mobile phone only possible  because the high end mobile phone penetrating the market and change the game, that is why the 8 percents is possible to happen.

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