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Millionaire answers is the secret to win this game without using big effort, so many gamer know this game but only few player can solve all question in the game so we try to share our result when play this simple game but difficult to win because the question getting hard every level. Below is the sample 20 question in this game which created by firebearstudio. There’s a lot version of the millionaire apps and this is the latest version that we found at the google play. Want to help other player solve this game? share your result at our facebook fan page.


a person who ‘takes a back seat’ to someone else is said to be ‘playing’ what : second fiddle what is the second letter of the Greek alphabet? : beta who is TV’s ‘teenage witch’ : Sabrina all is well that…? : ends well what animal is known as ‘man’s best friend’? : dog what follows, ‘ look! in the sky. is it a bird… is it a plane… it’s…? : superman a person with a ‘ Peterpan complex’ refuses to do what? which breakfast food can be served sunny side up? : egg what kind of surface would you typically see a diving board hanging over? eating in the morning is normally called what? : breakfast ‘the bare necessities’ is the theme song for which animated film? according to the old saying, a journey of a thousand miles begins with what? : a single step which is pet is commonly kept in a bowl? what sporting event first took place in Greece in 776bc? : Olympics in which country is the tower of London found? : England when do children traditionally go trick or treating? for which of these is Cuba especially famous? : cigars what letter in the English alphabet is a wishbone shaped like? : Y what does the Richter scale describe? : earthquakes

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towards which direction does the earth rotate? : east

Want to complete more level in millionaire game? you can type the question at the search engine to get the correct answers, that’s the simple method to solve all question. We hope you can solve all level and become a millionaire ?