March 15 16 2015 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle

Answers for 7 little words daily puzzle march 15 and 16 for this question: narrow water passage, passage between buildings, passage blockage, passage between rooms, covered passage, narrow passageway, passage of a law, non-military personnel, type of radio, sailing vessels, study of water resources, window blinds, face-off, skin spot like a freckle. 7 little words is addicting word game, but not easy to solve the puzzle so I create this cheats to help other solve the game before they give up with the difficult question. This game not only for android but iphone and ipad user can also play 7 little words in their device.

March 15 7 little words daily puzzle.

narrow water passage 7 letters : CHANNEL
passage between buildings 5 letters : ALLEY
passage blockage 7 letters : BARRIER
passage between rooms 9 letters : VESTIBULE
covered passage 8 letters : CLOISTER
narrow passageway 4 letters : LANE
passage of a law 9 letters : ENACMENT

March 16 7 little words daily puzzle.

non-military personnel 9 letters : CIVILIANS
type of radio 10 letters : TRANSISTOR
sailing vessels 7 letters : KETCHES
study of water resources 9 letters : HYDROLOGY
window blinds 9 letters : VENETIANS
face-off 8 letters : SHOWDOWN
skin spot like a freckle 6 letters : MACULA

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