Logo Quiz Halloween Answers Level 1 to 4

We just completed 40 stages logo quiz Halloween and this is the answers to help you win level 1 to 4, don’t worry each level contains 10 stage so we already solve 40 stages until we post it here, this is not a difficult game if you ever see or follow Halloween events and activities, this game will refresh your memories and fun thing. It seems all level show random in each iphone or ipad so to use this cheats find it by the picture.

Level 1

dracula spider castle cross
demon candy wizard pumpkin
crow tree

Level 2

cat frankenstein axe skull
owl werewolf cauldron full moon
bat mummy

Level 3

frog tombstone cascet skeleton
lantern spellbook half moon basket
web ghost

Level 4

matchstick bowtie lollipop troll
jack o lantern zombie witch battle axe
bone flashlight

Well if you stuck at logo quiz halloween level 1 to 4 and cannot find the answers here you can use hints to reveal a letter or remove unused letters or using a word solver apps which also can be downloaded at itunes store for free. If you already play this game and complete more level than us you can help other player solve a difficult logo at our facebook page.

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