Little Riddles Answers Level 301 – 400 for iPhone and Android

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We just completed little riddles level 301 – 400 we hope we can create more answers for this amazing guessing game, you can play this game with your friends just invite your friends then you can compete playing this game.  I think this game is a educational games although not the formal but a general knowledge.


level 301: A disposable item to keep your waste organized : trashbag
level 302: These people cannot be choosers : beggars
level 303: A blind superhero and Evel Knievel’s profession : daredevil
level 304: Bumpy form of transportation in desert cultures : camel
level 305: If you agree give me one of these! : amen
level 306: When I type I tap these on the keys : fingertips
level 307: The profession of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton : guitarist
level 308: Thinkers hold this body part : chin
level 309: An ancient suit that is not worn with a tie : armor
level 310: Good for telling the future or racking up in a game : eightball
level 311: Dragons are known to do this to their gold : hoard
level 312: If you wake at dawn, you’ll probably find this covering the lawn : dew
level 313: People like this usually live in rural areas, unless they strike oil and move to Beverly Hills : hillbilly
level 314: Cockroaches and illegal drug labs are afraid of this : raid
level 315: Makes dough grow : yeast
level 316: Sore losers are often called the sour variety of this fruit : grape
level 317: Sometimes known to have silver linings : cloud
level 318: The original 49ers and opportunistic women share this nickname : golddigger
level 319: A gruesome betrayal : backstab
level 320: A hammer that brings a room to order : gavel
level 321: When a doctor hits you with a hammer he is testing this : reflex
level 322: The point of a Dear John Letter : breakup
level 323: Men in skirts blow into these : bagpipes
level 324: Doing something of this nature is likely to land you in court : illegal
level 325: An animal who gives away money and says moo : cashcow
level 326: Not the skinniest of felines : fatcat
level 327: Term for male grooming : manscape
level 328: What you become during a workout : sweaty
level 329: His big belly supposedly has the ability to dispense good fortune : buddha
level 330: If you’re hunting a werewolf, be sure to have these expensive bullets : silver
level 331: A weighty currency : pound
level 332: A person who has powers to save the day : superman
level 333: A natural tattoo on babies : birthmark
level 334: A cat-like nickname for those of the left handed persuasion : southpaw
level 335: These are great, floaty fun until they explode and give you a little scare : balloon
level 336: They come in a tin can and are known to cure halitosis : altoids
level 337: The lunch destination of choice for teenagers and hospital employees : cafeteria
level 338: Makes wooden boys noses grow : fib
level 339: A mechanism to discover who is following you : rearview
level 340: Wearing one of these warm garments around might get you doused in red paint : furcoat
level 341: Found at the end of rainbows : pots
level 342: Children keep their assets in this : piggybank
level 343: Environmentalists want to keep this from drying : wetland
level 344: Sends paper without using the post office : fax
level 345: Every team needs one of these before hitting the field. Get pumped : peptalk
level 346: Something you carry while singing : tune
level 347: Reserved for royalty and damaged teeth : crown
level 348: The preferred color of carpet in this town is red : hollywood
level 349: This is the tallest peak in the happiest place on earth : matterhorn
level 350: Goliath, The Jolly Green and Andre are all examples of this : giant
level 351: She is covered in dust and always jealous : tinkerbell
level 352: Possibly the word most commonly said before taking a sip : cheers
level 353: The father of Mickey Mouse : waltdisney
level 354: Your stomach’s way of letting you know you’ve neglected it : grumble
level 355: Those who stand vigil by the shore : coastguard
level 356: The enemy of the lactose intolerant : dairy
level 357: When someone uses this acronym, you know you’ve got to pick up the pace : ASAP
level 358: Peaches and a certain Couture have this in common : juicy
level 359: Found under bridges and on the Internet : troll
level 360: Hairdo for NASCAR fans : mullet
level 361: Can be used onstage or to express admiration : props
level 362: They produce pies and burgers and are great for tipping : cows
level 363: The offspring of a circle and a rectangle : oval
level 364: A stylish winter top that covers your larynx : turtleneck
level 365: Racers are asked to start these at NASCAR events : engine
level 366: Hoofed frolicking : horseplay
level 367: Serves as a go between in business : middleman
level 368: A setting that proved to be deadly for Abraham Lincoln : theater
level 369: A crafty use of long pieces of wool to make a scarf : knit
level 370: A great mystery that the bold have been known to journey into : unknown
level 371: A bird that is too large to fly : bigbird
level 372: Santa’s favorite entrance for home invasion : chimney
level 373: A group that manages the winged engines of war : airforce
level 374: The possession of two left feet will probably rule out your prospects as this kind of professional : dancer
level 375: Often found in doctor’s offices and pirate flags : skeleton
level 376: In the garden of Eden this was a fashion statement : figleaf
level 377: The ball drops when the clock hits this : midnight
level 378: Diamonds and stress have this to thank for their existence : pressure
level 379: They come in many varieties: Red, Black, Dead, and Caspian to name a few : sea
level 380: A person who chews the ends of their fingers : nailbiter
level 381: It was fully armed and operational when Lando attacked in Han’s spaceship : deathstar
level 382: Where humans breath liquid : womb
level 383: Do this to your gifts to make them festive : wrap
level 384: Ambitious people will climb the social version of this contraption : ladder
level 385: Batman, Archie, Betty and Veronica all started as these : comicbooks
level 386: The little pink nub that helps rectify mistakes : eraser
level 387: Tiny creatures that have a special relationship with flowers : bumblebee
level 388: Autumn leaves and bad bowlers wreak havoc on this : gutter
level 389: They strangle flowers : weeds
level 390: Kids play it and Michelangelo sculpted with it : marble
level 391: Certain worms and like these : books
level 392: One of the few vegetables that is routinely consumed with marshmallows : yam
level 393: Doing this with your job can be risky but doing it with smoking is always a good idea : quit
level 394: Being able to interpret the letters on this screen proves that you have this quality : literate
level 395: An accessory sported by many construction workers : hardhat
level 396: Talks like this, a green wise man does. Guess my clue, you will : yoda
level 397: One of the few times it’s encouraged to lock lips with a stranger : CPR
level 398: Makes apples fall from trees : gravity
level 399: Used to keep prisoners silent and to make temporary repairs on cars : ducttape
level 400: A toasty and crunchy cereal would be pointless without this spice : cinnamon

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