Little Riddles Answers Level 201 – 300 for iPhone and Android

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This little riddles answers for level 201 to 300 this fun guessing game have a lot level to play developer said it’s more than 500 level available for now. You can play this game with your friend or your family, but unfortunately not all android phone or tablet can be used to play this game for example we can’t use our galaxy tab 2 wifi to play this game but we still can play this game using ipod touch 4 gen with iOS 5.1.


level 201: One who has offended the government and has been detained by it : prisoner
level 202: Probably the most famous dinner-party in history : lastsupper
level 203: Rappers and Mr. T wear these in abundance : goldchain
level 204: Fighting technique taken from rams : headbutt
level 205: This royal young lady had several short men following her and helping her in the forest : snowwhite
level 206: One might hang a locket from this : necklace
level 207: Ingredients: apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, canteloupe. Instructions toss : fuitsalad
level 208: Makeup for your digits : nailpolish
level 209: You might accuse someone living with a stolen identity of being this : imposter
level 210: Royalty whose bugers are broiled and whose bed is large : king
level 211: Goth guys and women enhance their visual organs with this item : eyeliner
level 212: There is a television show dedicated to busting these tales of yore : myth
level 213: Doing this on your Visa could result in being in debt for a long time : maxout
level 214: A desire to consume : hunger
level 215: Grandmothers like to pinch these : cheeks
level 216: If it weren’t for these, no one would be aware of Idaho’s existence : potato
level 217: Sauerkraut owes its existence to this head : cabbage
level 218: A mini solar powered computer designed to help you pass Algebra : calculator
level 219: A stellar five-limbed sea creature : starfish
level 220: A DJ does this to records. I do it to mosquito bites : scratch
level 221: Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese in a sesame seed bun : bigmac
level 222: It’s anything but amusing when this body part gets hit : funnybone
level 223: The way a kicker scores 3 points : fieldgoal
level 224: The distance from the top of your head to the floor – standing up straight : height
level 225: Plant whose name sounds like a dish full of dairy spread : buttercup
level 226: Something you do with guests at a fancy party hoping to get a leg-up in your career : schmooze
level 227: Beautiful girls strut and sexy men ’do their little turn’ on this : catwalk
level 228: Lunch money thief and distributor of wedgies : bully
level 229: If someone calls you this, it might be time to consider hot wax : hairy
level 230: Some people count these. Some just consume them : calories
level 231: Found new creative way to get people to stuff themselves with Doritos : tacobell
level 232: Hurts when it breaks and if it stops, you are dead : heart
level 233: A storm in your cranium : headache
level 234: Men cut this by attaching a razor to a broom handle or just have their wives do it : backhair
level 235: Sometimes called chips and served with fish : frenchfry
level 236: You do this when you say goodbye to a sweetheart : kiss
level 237: A surly green puppet calls this filthy place his home : trashcan
level 238: A desert oasis where money magically disappears from your pocket : lasvegas
level 239: These are the bumpy parts of your digits : knuckle
level 240: If someone offers you one of these, they had a successful fishing trip or their band just broke up : bass
level 241: The cozy place Dracula rests : coffin
level 242: You may have to assure your date’s dad that you have these kind of intentions : honorable
level 243: The go-to weapon for science fiction heroes : laser
level 244: People chop this off for a good cause : hair
level 245: The Black Pearl was this type of criminal seafaring vessel : pirateship
level 246: A salutation from the islands : aloha
level 247: Fred and Wilma’s child, named after a stone : pebbles
level 248: It is edible, a color and is best in summer : peach
level 249: Slang for the male half in a marriage : hubby
level 250: Causes the involuntary transportation of your vehicle : towtruck
level 251: A dark-colored creature serenaded by Lennon and McCartney : blackbird
level 252: Devils, unicorns and goats all share this feature : horn
level 253: Handy when you need to measure something or run a kingdom : ruler
level 254: They eat homes from the inside out : termite
level 255: Temporary shiny food covering : aluminum
level 256: If you rub this there is a possibility of a magical fat man coming out : lamp
level 257: They say each one is totally unique : snowflake
level 258: The epic tale of two women battling over a sparkly pair of shoes : wizardofoz
level 259: Brings the sky a lot closer : telescope
level 260: If you suffer from this, you might wear a wig : baldness
level 261: If you’re stealing honey, be prepared to receive vengeance in this form : sting
level 262: Brings celebrities into your home every night : television
level 263: They’re swimmers now, but later will make excellent hoppers : tadpole
level 264: Looks like a hippo crossed with a unicorn : rhino
level 265: A single seater best accompanied by circus music and great balance : unicycle
level 266: A standard dimension for sandwiches and rulers : footlong
level 267: A path of cow juice spread across the sky : milkyway
level 268: The electronic version of junk mail or salty meat in a can : spam
level 269: The time in your life when you simultaneously know everything and nothing : teenager
level 270: Humans have two that shrink in the light and expand in the dark : pupil
level 271: When kings, queens knights and bishops go to war : chess
level 272: Lather. Rinse. Repeat : shampoo
level 273: Scholastic transportation : schoolbus
level 274: In addition to the dental benefits, having one of these hanging out of your mouth will make you look like a wiseguy : toothpick
level 275: Someone who is enthusiastic about tending the garden is said to have this appendage : greenthumb
level 276: Has 88 keys, but not one of them will open a door : piano
level 277: A plant named after a light source : sunflower
level 278: Used to yell in a text : caps
level 279: According to Hollywood, the men of this ancient city wore leather speedos and waxed their chests : sparta
level 280: The edge of earth and bread : crust
level 281: If you spot one of these eastern warriors, they’re not doing their job right : ninja
level 282: Hot tempered and sometimes it blows its top, making a mess of everything : volcano
level 283: Can describe a distress signal or flashy accessories : flare
level 284: Material for making balls and men that only shows up at certain times of the year : snow
level 285: Possibly the only plumber ever to rescue a princess : mario
level 286: Cause deflation of tires when dropped from the rear of spy cars : spikes
level 287: A life or death skill for gunifghters : quickdraw
level 288: Don’t forget to do this before blowing out the candles : wish
level 289: These women make princesses scrub floors and sometimes try to poison them with apples : stepmother
level 290: Causes dancing in children when it fills up : bladder
level 291: This type of cuisine is independent of utensils and usually tastes better than it sounds : fingerfood
level 292: Rebecca Black and The Cure are in love with this 24 hour time period : friday
level 293: Describes universities like Harvard and can be poisonous : ivy
level 294: If you are a man then your best friend will eat this for dinner : dogfood
level 295: Without coolant, you’ll have some trouble with this : radiator
level 296: Disgusting creatures that would survive a nuclear strike : roach
level 297: Slithery critters with a taste for dirt : earthworm
level 298: Out of all the celestial bodies, this one has the funniest name : uranus
level 299: A favored material among biker gangs and superheroes : leather
level 300: You speak this when you are being sincere : truth

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If you wont lost the fun when play this game, please use this solutions only when you already run out your coins and have no idea with the answers, because sometimes we stuck at level 4 but can answer level 5 to 10 easily, so be wise when using cheats :p.