Little Riddles Answers Level 1 – 100 for iphone ipad and ipod

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This is it little riddles answers a complete solutions for amazing word game named little riddles, this game available at itunes store for free, with small size only 6,8 Megabyte this game will only use small space on your iphone, ipad or even ipod touch. Not like other word game which use picture as a question this game just like a word quiz just answers the fun question appear on your screen. If you can’t find the answers you can use coin to reveal word or remove word, but if you have run out your coin you can use this solutions to win each level.


level 1: Cute hares that hop and deliver eggs at Easter are called by this nickname : bunny
level 2: Owned by Old McDonald : farm
level 3: Poorly behaved children often find themselves sitting in these : corner
level 4: It keeps things green and keeps the kids occupied in the summertime : sprinkler
level 5: If a dog were filling out a resume, he might list his mastery of this game under “skills” : fetch
level 6: Sleep inducing melody : lullaby
level 7: He crushed on Wendy Darling : peterpan
level 8: This guy crossed a road and everyone wants an explanation : chicken
level 9: A twiggy home : nest
level 10: Very helpful if you intend to go gently down a stream : rowboat
level 11: A storage facility for criminals and fire-breathing reptiles : dungeon
level 12: Casper was a friendly one and Demi Moore made a clay pot with one : ghost
level 13: Santa’s abdomen shakes like a bowl full of this : jelly
level 14: You can do this with your friends. You can do this with your nose. But don’t do it with your friend’s nose! : pick
level 15: Where everyone wants to run home and stealing is encouraged : baseball
level 16: Brings you May flowers : showers
level 17: Special abilities and brightly colored underwear are all you need to be one of these : superhero
level 18: Consuming food would be pretty tough without these chompers : teeth
level 19: Often sold by child entrepreneurs in the summer : lemonade
level 20: A shower that lights up the sky : meteor
level 21: The itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot variety is quite popular : bikini
level 22: Surname of the pilot of the Millennium Falcon : solo
level 23: Where jewelry pierces your head : lobe
level 24: If you blow past your destination, you’ll have to throw your car into this : reverse
level 25: These animals hang out in the mist : gorilla
level 26: Rueben and Monte Cristo are two delicious varieties of this : sandwich
level 27: Air that is expelled orally : burp
level 28: Describes a toilet cleaner as well as one of Santa’s reindeer : comet
level 29: Two year-old children who throw tantrums get this nickname. So did the tsar “Ivan” : terrible
level 30: The signature stroll of ducks and penguins : waddle
level 31: The state of holding a person in your person : pregnant
level 32: This is needed both for courage and hardcover books : spine
level 33: Between daylight and darkness when sparkling blood suckers like to come out : twilight
level 34: Responsible for the toupee industry : baldspot
level 35: Longer than a decade and shorter than a millennium : century
level 36: Fuels backyard get together : charcoal
level 37: Only you can prevent forest fires : smokey
level 38: A defendant will go free if a reasonable amount of this exists : doubt
level 39: Godzilla calls this place home : japan
level 40: This would be a good place to find Can-Can girls and drunk Cowboys : saloon
level 41: Santa’s reindeer make this noise : jingle
level 42: He prefers to travel on vines and pal around with gorillas : tarzan
level 43: This company makes billions of dollars selling Windows : microsoft
level 44: A caribbean shape that makes ships disappear : triangle
level 45: Known for their natural tuxedos and marching : penguins
level 46: Before Google, we actually had to physically look things up in this building full of knowledge : library
level 47: They transfer oxygen from the atmosphere into blood : lungs
level 48: Dark, feathery, and popular in Baltimore : ravens
level 49: Use this machine if you really want to see inside someone : xray
level 50: A morbidly-named body of water : deadsea
level 51: Angels and pilots earn these : wing
level 52: Boxes marked as this should not be abused : fragile
level 53: By Thursday you’re over this : hump
level 54: One of the few activities that involves bowling pins flying through the air : juggling
level 55: Flavors your food and divides the year up : season
level 56: A candy whose name is reminiscent of a small laugh : snickers
level 57: This creature travels in a gaggle : goose
level 58: The L in Lol: laugh
level 59: So delicious they required an international house to contain them : pancakes
level 60: Can be heard in a court or used to carry briefs : case
level 61: Better touch this before proceeding to second, or you’re out : firstbase
level 62: Dorothy had a severe disagreement with a woman of this magical persuasion : witch
level 63: A goofy creature that produces fine wool and like to spit at you : llama
level 64: A tasty reward given to well behaved dogs and kids : treat
level 65: Nature’s way of applauding a lightning strike : thunder
level 66: Pan’s nemesis : hook
level 67: There are four of these, but everyone’s favorite seems to be spades : ace
level 68: Where it is encouraged to slam into other vehicles : bumpercars
level 69: Rabbits do this to carrots and Jason Mraz does this to ears : nibble
level 70: Has a strong attraction to belly buttons : lint
level 71: They make a living harassing wealthy, beautiful people : paparazzi
level 72: Ernie wouldn’t get clean without singing with this little guy : rubberduck
level 73: These minerals are vital to your health : vitamin
level 74: What you make after you’ve weighed your options : decision
level 75: They put the heat in Pop Tarts : toaster
level 76: These help engines spin and trousers stay up : belt
level 77: Treats said to be based on a shepherd’s staff : candycane
level 78: Greedy grumpy holiday hater : scrooge
level 79: Commits friendly home invasions one night a year : santaclaus
level 80: When it’s dirty this should never be aired in public : laundry
level 81: Everyone claims to know a way to stop these involuntary contractions None of them work : hiccup
level 82: According to the ads, this is the favorite beverage of friendly polar bears : coke
level 83: Each of these ends in a kettle full of precious metal and the double variety is quite awesome : rainbow
level 84: A sport with love and service played by singles and pairs : tennis
level 85: These begin your sentences and are home to your leaders : capital
level 86: Has 4 lucky leaves : shamrock
level 87: A beverage named after a stick. Also combats the stains of another beverage : clubsoda
level 88: Flavors range from strawberry to toe : jam
level 89: Use this if leaping off a bridge for fun : bungee
level 90: Before crust hardens : dough
level 91: Raise your right appendage high above your head. Turn your head to the right and you will smell this : armpit
level 92: Teenage girls are pros at causing this : drama
level 93: It has a face and two hands but no arms or legs : clock
level 94: One of the best things you can hope for after whacking a ball with a stick : homerun
level 95: Water dwelling mammal known for its work ethic : beaver
level 96: A beautiful succession of sounds : music
level 97: Mary’s child slept in one of these : manger
level 98: It takes two people to do this : tango
level 99: For this gourmet style of meal you’ll need a pot and some pointy sticks : fondue
level 100: You’re having a bad day if 12 peers deem you to be this : guilty

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Complete little riddles cheats level 1 to 100, use this solution only when you can’t solve a level in this game, you can share this game solutions at our facebook page.

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