Icon Pop Brain TV and Movies Answers

Icon pop brain TV and movies answers Level 1 to 5 and more than 90 stages because each level contains 10 to 20 stages. I know some level are very easy to solve but if you reach level 3 and higher you will found a difficult puzzle, so this icon pop brain TV & movies answers will be useful to every player that still want to continue play the game. This TV and movies category only contains TV series and movie title puzzle so if you often go to cinema or love to watching TV series then this level will be very easy to win and our icon pop brain cheats below will be unusable.

Icon Pop Brain TV and Movies Cheats

Icon Pop Brain TV and Movies Answers

Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Level 1

Stage 1. Ted
Stage 2. Jaws
Stage 3. Cars
Stage 4. Lost
Stage 5. Glee
Stage 6. Shrek
Stage 7. Rambo
Stage 8. Frozen
Stage 9. Titanic
Stage 10. Ice Age

Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Level 2

Stage 1. Monk
Stage 2. Terminator
Stage 3. Madagascar
Stage 4. Die Hard
Stage 5. Men In Black
Stage 6. Star Wars
Stage 7. Avatar
Stage 8. The Hangover
Stage 9. Home Alone
Stage 10. King Kong
Stage 11. Scarface
Stage 12. The Matrix
Stage 13. The Mask
Stage 14. Family Guy
Stage 15. American Pie
Stage 16. Batman Forever
Stage 17. The Avengers
Stage 18. Toy Story
Stage 19. Happy Feet
Stage 20. The Simpsons

Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Level 3

Stage 1. The Da Vinci Code
Stage 2. Beauty And The Beast
Stage 3. The Dark Knight
Stage 4. Cast Away
Stage 5. Sesame Street
Stage 6. Iron Man
Stage 7. The Hunger Games
Stage 8. Night At The Museum
Stage 9. The Lion King
Stage 10. South Park
Stage 11. Pretty Woman
Stage 12. Meet The Fockers
Stage 13. The Little Mermaid
Stage 14. Jurassic Park
Stage 15. Twilight
Stage 16. Breaking Bad
Stage 17. Seabiscuit
Stage 18. Bruce Almighty
Stage 19. Game Of Thrones
Stage 20. The Great Gatsby

Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Level 4

Stage 1. Criminal Minds
Stage 2. Doctor Doolittle
Stage 3. The Walking Dead
Stage 4. Guardian Of The Galaxy
Stage 5. Looney Tunes
Stage 6. The Hobbit
Stage 7. American Hustle
Stage 8. The Polar Express
Stage 9. Finding Nemo
Stage 10. Les Miserables
Stage 11. True Detective
Stage 12. Scary Movie
Stage 13. The Longest Yard
Stage 14. Catch Me If You Can
Stage 15. Despicable Me
Stage 16. Into The Woods
Stage 17. Planet Of The Apes
Stage 18. Downtown Abbey
Stage 19. Modern Family
Stage 20. What Woman Want

Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Level 5

Stage 1. Goodfellas
Stage 2. Captain America
Stage 3. Better Call Saul
Stage 4. The Godfather
Stage 5. The Blind Side
Stage 6. Casino Royale
Stage 7. Armageddon
Stage 8. Pacific Rim
Stage 9. The Smurfs
Stage 10. Scrubs
Stage 11. Rush Hour
Stage 12. Saving Private Ryan
Stage 13. Air Force One
Stage 14. Star Trek
Stage 15. Doctor Who
Stage 16. Chicken Little
Stage 17. Black Hawk Down
Stage 18. American Sniper
Stage 19. The Sopranos
Stage 20. Mission Impossible

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