Icomania Guess the Icon Answers Level 101 – 140

While waiting for icomania update for level 12 and up, we play another game icomania guess the icon and create the answers here, to share with other player which having difficulties to find this game solutions. Before using this guide you can use your coins to remove letters or show one letter as a clue, but if you has run out your coins you can use this to continue.

level 101: face with plaster level 102: processor level 103: cartoon brown, red
level 104: horse statue level 105: cup a coffee level 106: kids hoodie
level 107: shark level 108: card level 109: Flintstone
level 110: bald black red level 111: suit, eye glass level 112: shaving
level 113: bottle level 114: man suit orange tie level 115: football
level 116: galaxy level 117: woman yellow hair level 118: man green cloth
level 119: mosque, moon level 120: jeans level 121: girl black hair
level 122: man dark skin level 123: pyramid level 124: can red blue
level 125: woman yellow hair level 126: man black tie, suit level 127: maple
level 128: lipstick level 129: girl blonde level 130: a man blue clothes
level 131: viking level 132: old car level 134: woman yellow hair
level 135: big ben level 136: woman with cap level 137: man red background
level 137: cigar, box level 138: lara croft level 139: man, neck tattoo
level 140: house waterwheel

complete icomania guess the icon answers for level 101 to 140, if you need solutions for the higher level please contact us at our facebook page, we will happy to help if we can :D.

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