Icomania Answers Level 13 Android and iPhone

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Icomaina answers for level 13 the last level for this week update  stage 449 – 491 this level contains 43 stage divided into character, famous people, tv & movies and brand, this mean developer remove two section city and country this is because harder to guess a city or country than person or brand.


brand 13 letters blue white and red stripbrand 5 letters contain letters R and Abrand 7 letters contain letters gat red and whitebrand 12 letters with logo LV or VL
brand 4 letters wing and circle graybrand 4 letters with letters OObrand 2 letters with letters H&Mbrand 4 letters sega
brand 10 letters contains exxbrand 9 letters swan and letters warbrand 5 letters contains letters de


character 4 letters man in star trekcharacter 7 letters man with fangscharacter 5 letters cartoon hedgehogcharacter 6 letters man with brown hoodie
character 8 letters woman with maskcharacter 6 letters white monkeycharacter 8 letters big ratcharacter 6 letters dog brown german shepherd
character 4 letters like alien

Famous People

famous people 9 letters man using suit brown hairfamous people 9 letters woman blue hairfamous people 10 letters man using suit brown hairfamous people 5 letters dark skin smiling with necklace
famous people 9 letters dark skin sportfamous people 11 letters man smilefamous people 11 letters man with gap toothfamous people 12 letters man using suit and bow
famous people 7 letters woman brown hairfamous people 9 letters man white and blackfamous people 9 letters man dark skin curlyfamous people 13 letters full brown
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famous people 10 letters man brown hair

TV & Movies

TV & Movies 2 letters man smileTV & Movies 7 letters black and white circleTV & Movies 12 letters mask blue yellow red purpleTV & Movies 10 letters man laugh behind curtain
TV & Movies 11 letters man in front carTV & Movies 8 letters cat garfieldTV & Movies 8 letters volley ball with hand markingTV & Movies 12 letters red diamond
TV & Movies 5 letters bus flyingTV & Movies 9 letters space plane, jet

that’s all icomania level 13, level 14 only contain 1 stage “ karate kid”  we must wait this game updated by developer to play another new level, while waiting for the updates you can try play another addicting game like pic combo, pic mix or 4 pic plus.