How I Fixed My Battery Life Problem

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Android phones are good smart phones, but many people often experience from the horrible “Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome.” That’s the condition where the phone battery, with no different use by the owner, suddenly drains for no obvious reason. You can try these tipsIf your phone is rooted, try this out


1. Shutdown your android phone and recharge your phone until the sign twists green.2. Log in to recovery mode.3. Go to console mode.4. Type carefully {mount –a} then choose enter5. Then type carefully again {rm /data/system/batterystats.bin} then choose enter6. Reboot your android phone and then run it and wait until it shutdown by itself.

7. Next, recharge the android phone totally then you can use your phone as you usually do.

If your phone is not rooted, you still can try this method. find the usual problems that consume the battery life.

1) Power off services and application that you are not using at the present. It is useless when you turn on services or application you never use. Your battery life decreases for nothing. You can turn of GPS, Bluetooth, wireless, etc when you do not need them.

2) Get free of application that syncs much or avoid the CPU from sleeping all through periods of idleness. It is recommended that you avoid using app that sync too much. This will cause your battery life running out very fast.

3) Turn down your screen brightness. The screen that is too bright consumes more battery energy. Turn all the way up your screen brightness and change the Screen Timeout setting to Never timeout is not recommended for battery life.  This will drain your battery very quickly Therefore you should at least turn it down.

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Those are fast solver battery life issues. Many users report their battery life meters fixed after using this fix, but please note that this method does NOT offer any advantages for those with strong battery meters

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