Guess The Word – 4 Pics 1 Word Level 40 to 80

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Guess The Word – 4 Pics 1 Word answer is the sequel for Guess The Word – Pics & Words  we don’t know why the developer change this game name today, a lot of game used 4 pics 1 word name make me confuse when i check for new level update through Google play store website but if i use Google play apps everything just fine. Because we found that level shows random in each device so we create this answer by it’s keyword ie:heartbeat, swan, punch, drum = beat. so if you want to find solution just find it by keyword or you can see the picture, not depends on the level.

level 41:newspapers, pillars, old buildingslevel 42: candles, ice, metal molds, chocolatelevel 43:direction, yes no, road split
level 44:coffee mill, coiling ropelevel 45: big tree, old building, grandfathers, grandmotherslevel 46: hug tree, tree, bonsai
level 47: Eifel, building,level 48: boat sinking, drain, submarinelevel 49: yarn, fabrics, cotton
level 50: cruise, gold, bracelet, bag of moneylevel 51: girl, brick, love, redheadlevel 52: painting, brushes, flower, paint ball
level 53: leopard, seal, cat, hamsterlevel 54: play card, basket ball, chess, play station sticklevel 55: fried chicken, olive oil
level 56: plane, bullet, Space Shuttle, deerlevel 57: catlevel 58: bungee jumping, wind surfing, rope
level 59: letter A flowers, letter E, letter i, letter olevel 60: waff, wave, flaplevel 61: paint, comb, brushing teeth, make up
level 62: paddle, oar, thumb, red seatlevel 63: gloves, ring, parrot, pumpkinlevel 64: banana, money, bucket, grape
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level 65: samurai, duel, Roman armylevel 66: jam, snail, push car, trainlevel 67: disco, golf, party
level 68: Rontgen, check up, doctorlevel 69:tire pump, oil pump, water pumplevel 70: train dog, play card, play games, couple
level 71: star fish, star, pop starlevel 72: chess, question mark, icelevel 73: hawk, hummingbird, hornbill
level 74: crown of thorns, crown, tooth, water dropletslevel 75: girl, waiting room, man, cardslevel 76: love, stethoscope, pin, dinner
level 77: basketball, skydiving, rally, soccerlevel 78: horse racing, matchstick, start runlevel 79: abacus, calculator, writing, learn
level 40: Lady Justice, scale, carousel