Floors Escape Walkthrough Level 1 2 3

Floors escape walkthrough, need guide to solve this game? this is the right place for you to get the step by step walkthrough for floors escape start from level 1 to level 3, this game available for free at Google play store you can download directly from your gadget. if you like to play 100 rooms, escape room, and other puzzle game. this game will challenge you more and more, with good graphic and simple game play we suggest you keep this game on your android.

Floors escape level 1:pick up crowbar (1) tap TV then tap no 2 you will see clue here :black, red, yellow, orange, green. go to elevator open no 3 using crowbar, then change color to black, red, yellow, orange, green.

Floors escape level 2:pick up ring underneath chair and there is blue 8, underneath the table you see yellow 6, tap flowerpot you will see red 3, use ring to open box at table, pick up the key and you see white 7, use this key at painting there is keyhole, there’s safe deposit box inside it, put code 7863 and you get the elevator key, use this key to activate elevator.

Floors escape level 3:Pick up hammer under the ladder, use hammer to open air vent, pick up wire inside it, see number 1 red, above the green box tap grey slider you will see number 5 green, go to table tap the tool you will see number 0 white, above the elevator you can see number 3 red, now go to red drawers insert the code: 1 (red), 3 (red), 5 (green), 0 (white). pick up screwdriver use it open elevator button, put wire.

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