Escape the Room Zombies Walkthrough Level 1 2 3

Hi we just play a new escape game and this is the escape the room zombies walkthrough level 1 to 3, actually we has complete 5 level in this game but, we don’t have crew to create the picture guide so i decide to post three level  today and tomorrow the rest.

Escape the Room Zombies Walkthrough Level 1 2 3

level 1. tap trash can, pick up jack handle. change view then tap ladder go up then pick up jack and combine with handle. back to the car use jack to raise car and pick up crowbar, open car door using crowbar, tap dashboard you need a code, change view then back to the trashcan tap the board and see the number 6195, now back to the car and use the code to open dashboard, pick up chain cutter and use it to cut chain at the door.

Escape the Room Zombies Walkthrough Level 1 2 3

level 2. tap red hazard sign and complete the jigsaw, pick up magnifier, tap table beside hazard sign, remember the wood inside glass position, tap desk at right then set the wood position same with wood at the table, pick up blade, tap cabinet above desk and pick up hammer, tap left corner use magnifier to se sticky note remember the number 9361, tap book shelf in front of note open a safe using code 9361, pick up paper with letter open, now go to right corner use paper to open refrigerator, use hammer to break ice and pick up key, use key to open door and blade to cut zombies hand.

Escape the Room Zombies Walkthrough Level 1 2 3

level 3. tap right small table and pick up 1st lever, tap chair beside door then pick up a drawer handle, change to room 2 tap table lamp, remember the number 327, use drawer handle to open drawer at the table and pick up paper, open dresser using code 327 and pick up 2nd lever, tap white painting at the wall then put paper, see the code B =7, F =4, J=1 N=3, back to 1st room tap box above left shelf then insert code 1347 then pick up battery, tap right shelf then tap how many star and moon that you found at 2 room, 13 and 7. pick up knife. back to room 2 use knife to cut baby zombies hand, tap bed put hand on left pillow than pick up round object at the bed and combine it with 2nd lever, now go to door put the battery and lever at the panel beside door and open door.

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