Escape The Mansion Walkthrough Level 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Escape The Mansion Walkthrough Level 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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We know that escape the mansion still have lot level to play so we decide to continue this walkthrough until level 30, at this level challenging puzzle started so you need an extra skill to solve the puzzles and continue opening other mansion door, and the most difficult is completing a time attack level because we need to think as fast as possible when play this level, but if you have a lot credits you can use it to add more times or change to infinity times.

Escape the mansion level 21 see arrow above door tap button according to the arrow. ( tap from number 1 to 9)

Escape the mansion level 22 tap the clock make all hour hand at the triangle position at the same time ( bigger, medium, smallest ) tap biggest clock then wait the biggest clock point to IX before tap other medium and smallest.

Escape the mansion level 23 slide the small cabinet right then pick up sprayer then use to remove all insect / bug, pick up cloth on the floor then use to clean door from spider web.

Escape the mansion level 24 pick up knife then use it to remove grass, see the number under grass, green 22, blue 17, red 3, tap red cog wheel 3 times, green 22 times, blue 17 times.

Escape the mansion level 25 move the key to the door quickly, slide block to change position.

Escape the mansion level 26 move all brick into the door, just like a Tetris game.

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Escape the mansion level 27 rub the ghost to pick up hammer, use hammer to break 3 jar then hit the block until it’s broken.

Escape the mansion level 28 connect all grey ball with 4 red lines ( see preview ).

Escape the mansion level 29 tap left spider and stop at right square line , then tap bottom spider until it’s gone, tap right spider until it’s gone, tap top spider and stop at left square, then continue tap left / 1st  spider until it’s gone, continue tap top spider until it’s gone.

Escape the mansion level 30 connect the pipe from top left to bottom right, see preview