Escape Magician House Walkthrough

Escape magician house walkthrough a new puzzle game solution that we complete today, this challenging game available for iOS user although the graphics are not perfect but but this game is more logical than the door games. Magic stick, blanket and hat is the most important tools for the magician so in this game we will use this tool more than once, what to do is just think like an magician if you want to find solutions and escape from that room. We hope you can solve this game without a cheats but you can read this walkthrough to know each object function and where to use it.

pick up hat

open drawer and pick up blanket

pick up magic stick and hat

pick up hat

remember code & use magic stick to open window

use magic stick to open

pick up 3 marbles and screwdriver inside drawer

insert pigeon then use magic stick

tap until lines become green and hole open, use screwdriver to open bolt

pick up coin and use magic stick to open brick

put coin and hat

guess the coin, put all colorful coin into drawer

pick up bowl, put bowl 

insert marbles, cover with blanket, use magic stick

pick up cards, put magic stick into wall then use magic stick

remember cards, use cards to open window

pick up food, put at the round table

cover food with blanket then use magic stick

use new magic stick at the door

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