Doors and Rooms Walkthrough Chapter 3

Doors and Rooms is the best designed puzzle game and created with high quality detail, we so addicted to this game. In this chapter you need to pick a lot object and combine with other. to complete this chapter you must be more rigorous.

Doors and Rooms Walkthrough Chapter 3

Stage 3-1: pick up sprayer inside the box then use it at car plate you can see number 5728 use this number to open car rear door lock, pick up crowbar use to open front door then start engine, see the rear light color, use it to open door.

Stage 3-2: pick up cd at bottom bookshelf then dismantle it, use cd at the computer then you will see password formula, C4 + A3 + B1 – E3. look at the shelf picture above. c4 = 1221, a3 = 1983, b1 = 2485, e3 = 2012 and the result is 3677 use this code to open safe at right bookshelf, pick up key use it to open door

Doors and Rooms Walkthrough Chapter 3

Stage 3-3: pick up name card inside drawer, at name card see number 1485 use this code to open suitcase and pick up USB stick put USB stick on projector, look at screen remember the word, use this word at the panel beside door, if success it will open pick up bone put at podium, then see the shadow 31371 use this number to open door.

Stage 3-4 : pick up 4 blue cube at sofa, floor and inside microwave pick up ball paper from trash and dismantle it you have paper with code and cube. pick up half stick on floor and other half stick at billiard table combine it then use the stick to pick up coin above vending machine, insert coin to vending machine now you have can with clue. open the panel in front vending machine connect cable using clue from can and cube or follow this: 1 white, 2 orange, 3 blue, 4 purple, 5 red and A orange, B red, C purple, D white, E blue. TV on now, see the color combination in the paper: green 4, yellow 3, red 1, green 5, purple 8. key code 43158

Stage 3-5: pick up X-rays at sink put on the light (white screen) a key clue here, tap the monitor see the average red heart  and yellow heart . red = 90, yellow = 75. pick up knife at the table open the middle table cover you will see teddy bear use knife on it, then change number to 9075, pick up card use it at door lock and tap letter “puhs”

Stage 3-6:pick up necklace put at the window, then tap  it now you have a clue on the window if combined the word is “pledge” use this word to open notebook password and you will see (^^) it’s  mean 9660 see your keyboard :P. pick up piece paper below pillow, pick up bottle on the floor, pick up cutter inside drawer, pick up tissue and rope on the other bed, now combine tissue and bottle use it at painting below red house, then use cutter to make hole insert code 9660 to open safe, pick up key use it on the window, put rope on the heater then tap window.

Stage 3-7: pick up microscope lens, lens cover and 3 blood tester inside drawer and use it on the blood paper test, put the lens and cover to microscope now pick up blood test result inside right cabinet and put it on the microscope you will see the patient blood test if compared with the blood test on the table: aska  = RH-A, uj  = RH-O, sila  = AB, rulli  = A, miro = B, max = O. now pick up piece of paper  shelf beside door, this is the clue. do a math here and the result is black circle = 2, white circle = 3, odd shape = 1. now you must count patient blood in the microscope:

 Uj RH-O 6
 Rulli A 9
 Miro B 7
 Aska RH-A 9
 Max O 5
 Silla AB 6

See door code RH-O A B RH-A O AB = 697956




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