Doodle Fit for Android fun Logic Game

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doodle fit

the influence logic in a game become a new challenge for android users who like logic games. Game Doodle Fit will be reminiscent of a logic game named Tetris. Doodle Fit Concepts and imaging has a very similar with Tetris. Even to play this game almost the same. With the innovation and development conducted by Gamelion Studios make Doodle Fit technically can provide positive input to the logic of thinking. Doodle Fit can be played on Android and also available for iOS and windows.


doodle fit game

Playing Doodle Fit requires concentration and a steady focus. Doodle Fit has several challenges geometrical form and we should fill the block with a variety of different beams forms, so there is the challenge puzzle that requires us to be able to fully all the empty space with different beams.

At each level provides challenge and different difficulty levels. The placement of the first beam in space is key to the next step so in this game you have to be focused and thinking about next steps. So you won’t stuck in placing the next beams and can complete Doodle Fit. Once you play you will be interested to try the next level.

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