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Bored with ordinary celebrity face guessing quiz? try this crappy face quiz if too difficult you can use our answers below, unfortunately this game only available for iOS because we can’t found this game at the Google play market, The game idea is great but we found some typo in character names, but we guess player still possible to guess the answers, but before you give up with this crappy face quiz game you can use this cheats to solve the un guessed level, to make it easier to find we separate the answers by it’s length for level 1 to 122.


3 letters Alf3 letters mlk

3 letters Mr t

4 letters barf4 letters Bert4 letters domo4 letters Dora4 letters Elmo4 letters Fred4 letters hulk4 letters jack4 letters jaws4 letters link4 letters Lisa4 letters ozzy4 letters pooh4 letters worf

4 letters yogi

5 letters borat5 letters chewy5 letters dumbo5 letters goofy5 letters homer5 letters jason5 letters leela5 letters Obama5 letters oprah5 letters Palin5 letters rocky5 letters slash5 letters snoop5 letters tupac5 letters walle5 letters woody

5 letters yakko

6 letters ackbar6 letters Arnold6 letters barney6 letters bender6 letters cheech6 letters dwight6 letters fozzie6 letters freddy6 letters geordi6 letters george6 letters grinch6 letters kramer6 letters saddam6 letters seagal6 letters snoopy6 letters stewie6 letters stitch6 letters tigger6 letters tweety6 letters jar jar

6 letters obi wan

7 letters aladdin7 letters cartman7 letters chuckie7 letters dilbert7 letters frozone7 letters frylock7 letters Pikachu7 letters Robocop7 letters big bird7 letters iron man7 letters jay leno7 letters mr clean7 letters pa rappa7 letters the dude

7 letters weird al

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8 letters benjamin8 letters butthead8 letters flanders8 letters gargamel8 letters Hannibal8 letters megamind8 letters predator8 letters zoidberg8 letters al capone8 letters boba fett8 letters hank hill8 letters mona lisa8 letters mr peanut

8 letters stay puft

9 letters smurfette9 letters squidward9 letters wolverine9 letters betty boop9 letters bob Marley9 letters bugs bunny9 letters daffy duck9 letters Dalai lama9 letters fat albert9 letters john Wayne9 letters Larry bird9 letters miss piggy9 letters silent bob9 letters sponge bob

9 letters tom cruise

10 letters bill murray10 letters billy mayes10 letters burger king10 letters frank zappa10 letters jake sulley10 letters judge dredd10 letters pappa smurf10 letters speed racer

10 letters puss n boots

11 letters fresh prince11 letters master chief

11 letters Sean Connery

12 letters Frankenstein12 letters Charlie brown12 letters Charlie sheen12 letters Christopher w12 letters Eddie Munster12 letters mr potatohead12 letters peter griffin12 letters prencess leia12 letters Willie nelson

14 letters inigio montonya

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