Comic Pop Answers Level 1

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Comic pop is a cartoon / comic character guessing game if you ever play guess the cartoon character then play this game will be addicting because a lot new character available in this game, before guess the character you must remove the cover, to get higher score try to to guess with only less cover removed. This game better than other cartoon and comic character guess, we recommended this game to try on your iphone or ipad.

Level 1 ( stage 1 – 20)

1 : spiderman2 : iron man3 : captain america4 : hulk
5 : joker6 : thor7 : wolverine8 : cyclops
9 : deadpool10 : magnet11 : riddler12 : harleyquinn
13 : bane14 : catwoman15 : judgedredd16 : robin
17 : redskull18 : thing19 : twoface20 : daredevil

Comic pop cheats level 1 completed, we will try to update with higher level in this game. One tips when you want to solve a difficult level you can use your credit to reveal a letter and remove unused letters but when no more credit available you can capture the screen then upload to google images sometimes google can solve it.

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