Combo Pics – 2 Pics 1 Word Answers Level 1 – 40

Combo pics answers this game same with 2 pics 1 word but with different question level 1 to 40 is easy we guess you can solve this level faster than other similar game which available at the Google play. Before use this clue you can use coins to reveal a word or remove unnecessary letters but if you still can’t guess the letters then you  must use this answers.

level 1 candle and stick level 2 pepper and mint level 3 fire and boxer level 4 brick and paper
level 5 air plane and bag level 6 sword and fish level 7 flower and bed level 8 egg and cup
level 9 river and bed level 10 pliers and box level 11 book and shelf level 12 corn and field
level 13 saw and horse level 14 horse and tail level 15 fox and glove level 16 sunset and cell phone
level 17 drum and stick level 18 bull and dog level 19 nut and shell level 20 wood and worm
level 21 space and ship level 22 push button and hole level 23 pan and cake level 24 butter and fly
level 25 pool and suit level 26 nose and swim level 27 cross and road level 28 traffic light and watch
level 29 bed and room level 30 flat TV and tea level 31 book and case level 32 food and cloth
level 33 shoe and goat level 34 girls and ship level 35 carousel and chair level 36 eye and lid
level 37 cow and kid level 38 storm and star level 39 dough and nut level 40 hand and chair

combo pics answers / cheats completed, this game still have a lot puzzle to play, if you cannot solve a level and cannot continue visit our facebook page and upload your screenshot we will glad to help you.

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