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Clue pics Guess the Saying answers level 121 to 140, this game is completely fun, you can try to solve each level with your friends, family, sister or brother or you can compete with them. We still waiting this game released for Iphone or ipad because there’s lot gamer using those device for paying small game like what’s the saying, 4 pics 1 word or this game clue pics, some level in this game is very difficult we hit skip button to reveal the answers 😀

saying : dont stop believing famous people : simon cowell movie : the departed famous people : kate middleton
movie : pacific rim famous people : eminem landmark : louvre museum movie : hunger games
movie : scary movie saying : end of story movie : the thin red line famous people : jack black
famous people : desmond tutu movie : limitless movie : the last samurai movie : inception
saying : last but not least famous people : samuel jackson saying : graveyard shift movie : patch adam

Clue pics cheats for level 121 to 140 done, to find answers with your device just match the picture or category or you can use your credit to remove wrong letters and add a letter. Share this post to your facebook and twitter to help us create more answers for this game and other word games.

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