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Christmas Gifts Walkthrough is a solution for amazing Christmas Gifts game, this game available for android phone and tablet you can download this game directly from Google play market. This is a brain teaser game for kids or teen but we love to play it because we want to get present from Santa too… if you stuck with this game and cannot continue to higher level we already create help/solution for Christmas Gifts.


Level 1: tap door handle


Level 2: tap gift box then move star to the top Christmas tree.


Level 3: tap cushion to move it, then pick up key, use key to open door.


Level 4: move candy stick to the socks according to color.


Level 5: shake your phone to move curtain, then tap window


Level 6: tap the bird until it jump to cuckoo clock.


Level 7: tilt your phone then pick up matches, use matches to lit up candle.


Level 8: shake your phone to eliminate fire, then tap the pot inside fireplaces.


Level 9: move Christmas ball to Christmas tree, see preview.


Level 10: tap gift box  then tap each object on the shelf, but equate with object shown on the chair.

that’s all walkthrough for Christmas gifts level 1 to 10 we will update this walkthrough, in few hours please bookmark this website or share this web to your friends to support us.

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