Cheap Android Tablet Under $100

03.12.2019 Off By admin

Sure there are plentiful of tablets in the industry, especially with the influx of another tablets manufacturers that hope to get some portion of the profit pie in the industry. Even though the market leader still Samsung and apple, some manufacturers still try their best to penetrate into the market by providing another tablets in the industry. We all know that apple ipad and Samsung products are like a fierce competitor in the industry, and their products are a little bit pricey compared to another tablet manufacturers. For example compared to another tablet manufacturers like kindle, mid, and coby, products from apple and Samsung are in the high end level.

    Because of that reason manufacturer like Mid offer a bit different strategy to penetrate into the market. Apple and Samsung already too strong in their competitive advantage, the quality and the prestige. That is why Mid choose low cost strategy to differentiate their product to penetrate into the market and provide variation for the customer to choose. Mid that comes with Google android as their operating system  already launch their mid 806 tablet as their mid android tablet. As a mid android tablet, mid 806 features Google android 2.2 and 8 inch screen for the display.

    As we mentioned above that mid offers their android tablet using low cost strategy this mid android  tablet really do come with an exceptionally affordable prices, that some of you may call it to be super cheap for a tablet. Mid 806 tablet comes with a price less than $100, an extraordinary price right ? Mid 806 tablet also comes with 800MHz processor with 258 MB RAM, a bit on the slow side if we compare it with another tablet in the industry. But once again it comes with super affordable and super cheap price, we do not expect too much that this tablet will come with impressive features. But if you are looking for  an affordable tablet and only use your tablet for standard use and surfing, this mid android tablet may be your option.

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